This 3-minute video shows how the VS Scene Builder can be used to quickly create drivable scenes in VehicleSim products. Sept 2020

VS Scene Builder Tool

The VS Scene Builder tool is shared in CarSim,TruckSim, and BikeSim. This tool is accessed from the Browser menu item Tools > VS Scene Builder. It has a drag-and-drop interface that you can use to assemble a scene by dragging tiles that have attached animator assets and terrain. You can also drag "props" such as signs, bus stops, barriers, pedestrians, etc.

After the scene is assembled, paths can be created by clicking on arrows shown in the road. Or, simply by clicking with your mouse (for example, to make paths over grass or sidewalks).

The assembled scene properties (terrain, paths, and properly located animator assets) can be exported at any time as a .vsscene file, and then imported into the Scene: External Import library screen to use in CarSim,TruckSim, or BikeSim.

The databases for CarSim, TruckSim, and BikeSim include sets of tiles that have been extended in each recent release. The Scene Builder also has the option to import datasets made in the OpenDRIVE format.

The tiles in the installed databases were either created by the Art Team at Mechanical Simulation, or imported from OpenDRIVE datasets. Advanced users may also create Tiles by following instructions provided in the Technical Memo from the Help menu: Help > Paths, Road Surfaces, and Scenes > VS Scene Tile Creation. Examples art resources are available in ZIP files that can be downloaded from from the VS Scene Builder part of the Users section of this website.

VS Scene builder was used to define paths, add terrain, and assemble buildings and 3D objects in this urban scene. Simulation results are shown with VS Visualizer.
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